Entertainment as Activism: Social Impact Media


My mission as a filmmaker is to inform, inspire, activate change through a female lens. 


A pro-choice initiative exposing the connection between female sexuality and the global imbalance of power, The Pussy Papers reveals one woman's exploits into censorship, sexism, and 5 letters that struck a national nerve.


Comprised of 11 short films, The Box with Jacqueline is an award-winning sketch comedy series formerly on Amazon.
Set in a world where gender roles are reversed and female shamed is eradicated, The Box has been awarded and featured in over a dozen film festivals around the US, UK, and Canada. Shot, designed, and funded by women, the show donated all royalties to Her Future Coalition.



Forget about space, the brain, and the ocean, the clitoris is truly the great unknown. Female pleasure derived from a barely known body part could be the antidote to our biggest threat to global health.