Regularly banned from social media, Jacqueline is the Founder of The Pussy Channel and creator of her two children. Her businesses, work, and life are focused on female dominance, mental health, and shifting the global balance of power by redefining female sexuality.

She founded Huge Pussy, a philanthropic social justice brand, to change the culturally accepted meaning of the word pussy from shame to celebration. Expanded to include a lifestyle approach defined as having Huge Pussy Energy, the brand is committed to reproductive justice and gender autonomy.

She is the director and producer of The Box with Jacqueline, a box set of 11 short films that premiered on Amazon set in a gender-bending world where pussy means power. The series received awards from film festivals around the world and all royalties were donated to Her Future Coalition.

A Texan described as having “never played by anyone else’s rules” by W Magazine and having “embodied the season’s audacious mood” by The New York Times, Jacqueline studied Art History and Business at Emory University, earned a B.A. with High Honors from the University of Toronto, and completed post-graduate coursework in Lifestyle Medicine and Neuroscience at Harvard.

Nominated for the TED mainstage to talk about the connection between female sexuality and the global balance of power, Jacqueline is an impassioned voice for abortion rights, gender equality, and mental health.

Certified in Compassion Cultivation at Standford’s CCARE Center, Jacqueline is a 500-hour yoga teacher and was named Director of The Wellness Institute in Dallas where she combined ancient wisdom with practical neuroscience to direct programs in yoga, meditation, and mind-body health.

A serial entrepreneur focussed on women's health, she founded Photos for Health, the first company to provide user-generated photography collections for palliative care. Installed in over 2 million square feet of hospitals, the project led to her philanthropic efforts with the Riley Mother and Baby Hospital in El Doret, Kenya, and culminated in a documentary film she made with her son for AMPATH.

Former art world fixture turned social activist, Jacqueline global schooled her daughter throughout Australasia, funding the year of educational travel by leveraging the contents of her closet.

Living by her own Huge Pussy Rules for the past decade, Jacqueline writes, speaks, and teaches about cultivating Huge Pussy Energy via The Pussy Process. Her monthly and semi-annual programs based in intimacy, body-positivity, and functional neuroscience, change how women see themselves, their bodies, and their power. Her greatest honor is being the mother to her 26-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter.